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Kate Antognini is a New York-based casting director and street scout, dedicated to finding individuals with striking, expressive faces that convey rich inner lives for films, commercials, editorials and music videos. In her view, every single person on camera is critical to making an imagined world feel real. She helps clients handpick all elements of their casts, from leading roles to background. Kate pursues talent from a variety of cultures and life experiences, and her searches for real people and actors span international borders.

She recently cast two feature films with a mix of actors and street discoveries: Sam de Jong’s Goldie, from Vice & 20th Century Fox, which debuted at Berlinale 2019, and Danielle Lessovitz’s Port Authority, executive produced by Martin Scorsese and selected to have its world premiere at Cannes 2019 Un Certain Regard. This is a historical film that features the first trans woman of color as a lead in a Cannes film (Leyna Bloom), and the first trans woman of color as a producer on a Cannes film (Jari Jones).

Port Authority, portrays two very different worlds: one featuring rural midwestern characters, and the other populated by queer NYC youth. Kate spent many weeks on the road traveling through the midwest and south, looking for untapped talent for the film. When she returned, she also spent an extended period of time within the vibrant underground kiki scene, attending community balls, meeting with hundreds of kids, and listening to their life stories to create an ensemble cast that felt organic.

Recognizing that “real people casting” creates a special bond with talent, Kate is committed to maintaining the privacy and harmony of the lives of the individuals she meets.